Materials Engineering

  • CFRP or FRP composites, with advanced strength, fracture toughness, heat and cold resistant etc.
  • Metallic materials (steel and aluminum), requiring strength, heat resistance, creep resistance and textiles (rubber­aramid, or other) with better strength heat resistance.
  • Corrosion and fouling resistance.

Pipeline Engineering

  • Pipeline design and analysis, corrosion resistance studies and prevention.
  • Assessment of hydrogen related failures, H2S, Stress Corrosion Cracking, etc.
  • Fracture mechanics and fatigue.
  • Engineering critical Assessment.

Structural design and analysis

  • Ship and marine structures with metallic and composite materials.
  • Offshore structures and installations, especially for pipelines and risers and deep offshore­-seabed installations.
  • Deep ocean and large sea depths structures.
  • Composite Structures for marine, offshore and aerospace industry.

NDT (Non­Destructive Testing)

  • Ultrasonic testing.
  • Eddy current testing.
  • Alternating Current Field Measurement.
  • Long range ultrasonics.
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage.
  • Visual inspection and image analysis.
  • Radiography.
  • Thermography.
  • Metallographic replication.
  • Acoustic emission.
  • Vibration analysis.
  • Customised software for predictive maintenance.
  • Customised predictive maintenance systems based on acoustic emission, vibration and oil analysis.
  • Remote Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Centres.

Remote Condition Monitoring

  • ESI manufactures customised predictive maintenance hardware and nondestructive testing equipment. The company specialises in the development of acoustic emission and vibration analysis systems.
  • ESI develops software for data logging, data trending, advanced signal processing and intelligent decision support for maintenance purposes.
  • ESI also develops Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Centres which are customised according to the requirements of the customers.
  • Hull Girder Strength real time monitoring for ships.


  • Investigations of failures in ship structures
  • Investigations on defects and failures on pipelines
  • Root cause analysis