Our experience and portfolio is enriched by industrial collaborations as well as through participation in national and international R&D projects related to transportation, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. The commercialisation of various products has been the outcome of this R&D effort.

The multi-disciplinary staff of ESI have participated in various successful EU projects looking into the development of advanced CFRP structures for CGH2 storage (national project), CFRP automated underwater vehicles (AUVs) (DEEP COHOUS, National), laser welding methods and automation (LASHARE, EU FP7), (NATURALHY, EU FP6), materials and methods for salvaging ships (SUSY, EU FP7), composite structures for the aerospace industry (MOJO, EU FP6), alternate materials for ship building and retrofitting (MOSAIC, EU FP7), development of AUV (Automated Underwater Vehicle) robotic vehicle, sensors for detecting elements for the sea bed mining industry (ROBUST, EU H2020), holistic ship design for the European shipbuilding industry (HOLISHIP, EU H2020), advanced inspection technology of railways (INTERAIL and I-RAIL, EU FP7), remote structural health monitoring of concentrated solar power plants (INTERSOLAR, EU FP7), remote condition monitoring of industrial wind turbines (OPTIMUS, EU FP7) and remote condition monitoring of tidal turbines (REMO, EU FP7). ESI has also won the 2018 H2020 Blue Growth call for long endurance (6 to 8 months underwater) AUV (Automated underwater vehicle) “ENDURUNS”. In addition, ESI is currently involved in the PALAEMON, MOSES and RESURGAM H2020 projects which are on-going.

Further to our engagement in design and analysis of structures we are also involved with technical investigations of structural failures for claims and arbitrations as well as forensic analysis.

ESI personnel have extensive expertise in the oil & gas sector related to pipeline engineering, hydrogen related damages in oil & gas facilities and structures and integrity assessment, Stress Corrosion Cracking, NDT methods of oil & gas facilities. ESI offers, in this particular field, experimental work, both following established standards and specially designed tests which satisfy customer needs, modelling and simulation work for feasibility and validation studies, and field work by experienced engineers. ESI personnel have accomplished projects under contract by the Greek Natural Gas Pipeline operator DESFA and Saudi Aramco S.A.

Our human resources portfolio in scientific work includes but is not limited to:


a. CFRP or FRP composites, with advanced strength, fracture toughness, heat and cold resistant etc.

b. metallic materials (steel and aluminum), requiring strength, heat resistance, creep resistance and textiles (rubber-aramid, or other) with better strength heat resistance

c. Corrosion and fouling resistance

Structural design analysis:

a. Ship and marine structures with metallic and composite materials

b. Pipeline design and analysis, corrosion resistance studies and prevention

c. Offshore structure and installations, especially for pipelines and risers and deep offshore-seabed installations

d. Deep ocean and large sea depths structures such as AUVs and submarines

e. Real time monitoring of marine structures, regarding structural integrity and stability (global response)

Non-destructive testing:


b. Eddy current testing

c. Acoustic emission

d. Vibration analysis

e. Magnetic Flux Leakage

f. Magnetic Particle Inspection

g. Liquid Penetrant Inspection

h. Replicas

Remote Condition Monitoring:

a. Customised acoustic emission and vibration analysis RCM systems

b. Data loggers


Offshore and deep underwater activities:

a. Resources and raw material exploration from seabed

b. Inspections of Offshore installations and underwater pipelines

Technical investigations:

a. Investigations of failures in ship structures, engines

b. Investigations on defects and failures on pipelines

The ESI Management team:

Business Development Manager

Mr. Louis Constantinou, B.Sc. (Hons.) in Physics with Economics


Technical Manager

Dr. Elias V. Chatzidouros, Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, PhD.


R&D Manager

Dr. Filippos Papaelias, Physics, Ph.D.