Expertise & Equipment

Advanced Finite Element Modelling

ESI has a fully-owned commercial licence of Finite Element Modelling software package ANSYS® which is used to carry out complex simulations. The simulations are ran in our company’s own multi-core server, reducing the time required to run the simulation. This also enables the processing of simulations in parallel.

Acoustic emission testing and monitoring

ESI owns a fully portable multi-channel industrial acoustic emission system procured from MISTRAS. ESI has also developed its own customised acoustic emission system which can be used in parallel with the MISTRAS system

Vibration analysis

ESI owns and operates a multi-channel industrial vibration system for carrying out measurements in the field over a wide range of frequencies. Advanced signal processing techniques are employed for analysing the vibration data obtained.

Motion sensing

ESI has developed and operates its own motion sensing and analysis system for maritime applications.

Field optical microscopy

ESI owns its own digital optical microscope for field metallography.