ENGITEC Systems International (ESI) Limited is a dynamic company which has been founded by a group of experienced engineers and scientists. The company provides advanced inspection services, remote condition monitoring, development of customised data acquisition systems, advanced signal processing methods, software for industrial applications, and metallurgical expertise to its customers. The company also specialises in design and analysis of composite and metallic structures for various industries, including marine, offshore, underwater, wind and aerospace sector.

Our services include design and finite element analysis of structural components and complex structures according to acceptable international standards and regulations. ESI undertakes telecommunications-related projects, including data transmission over the air, data handling from multiple remote sensor networks and processing.

The company headquarters are in Limassol, Cyprus. The personnel at ESI hold degrees in Physics, Metallurgy, Naval Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Our experience and portfolio is enriched by industry collaborations as well as through participation in national and international R&D projects related to transportation, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors. The commercialisation of various products has been the outcome of this R&D effort.